I’m a doer and a dreamer. I think it’s ingrained in me. It is exciting to come up with goals to accomplish and I usually make it a habit of tackling things that I enjoy, rather than things I feel I need to do. My list typically consists of writing a book (a lifetime goal), running a marathon (a big one!), hosting Sunday family dinners, etc. You won’t find “going on a diet” on my list. In the past this one would show up on my list and I would fail miserably because, for me, diets are temporary. Lifestyle changes seem to work better.

Always at the top of my wish list is good health and happiness for me, my family and close friends. I’m certain that’s at the top for all of us. While I like to put together creative to do’s throughout the year of smaller items that could consist of fifty items, I’ll share some bigger highlighted personal plans I would like to accomplish this year.

1. Complete my second book.
2. Attend local (Florida based) book signings as an author to meet other authors and readers in the book community while sharing Unexpected Love. I’m planning to utilize my home office on a regular basis and will treat being an author as a job, rather than just a hobby moving forward.
3. Feel fit and strong. I would like to work on getting back a base fitness foundation for myself through a mix of running, swimming, biking and yoga.
4. Incorporate vacation living into my lifestyle. By this, I mean I would like to make it a priority to visit the beach at least a few times per month for a walk, lay in a lounge chair and read books or watch the sunset. The beach is one of my favorite spots and it’s ten minutes away from me. Soon the pool in my community will open and I’ll be able to walk down the block to go for a swim. I would like to start going on leisurely bike rides in my neighborhood. There are little cafes where I can begin my day with my dog and morning coffee and restaurants right on the water where I could wind down at the end of the day with family, friends, and a glass of wine. I plan to take advantage (even more than I do now) of where I live on the Gulf Coast in my free time.

Do you make plans or goals for yourself? Here’s to 2017 and everything it may bring to all of us (including health and happiness).