My parents are celebrating their 49th wedding anniversary today. I couldn’t be happier for two people who deserve all of the love and happiness in the world. They’ve been through everything – the thick and the thin. They lead by such example, and not because they’re perfect, but because they are real and they always stay true to themselves and one another.

There isn’t anyone I can count on more in my life than my parents. Being adopted, I thank my lucky stars every day that we ended up in each other’s lives when fate brought us together years ago. Both sets of my grandparents also had everlasting love and utmost respect for each other. My parents have had solid examples surrounding them their entire lives.

I hosted a brunch in my new home recently over my birthday weekend and it was nice having my parents there to meet and spend time with my friends and partake in the prep, decor, and recapping of the day afterwards. It’s great that we’re neighbors now and live a few miles away from one another. We didn’t have that for years when we were living in separate locales. Not only are they my parents, but they are my best friends.

I’m raising a toast to the two most wonderful people in the world. May you have many more years of adventures and laughter together ahead. Cheers Mom and Dad. I love you.