I love making lists for myself. To-do lists are one of my favorite tools for living well, and they allow me to thrive in my career and personal life. While I’m trying to let some of the unexpected into my life—as I wrote about in a previous post—I will always be a planner at heart, and I’m okay with that. I’ve realized it works for me to be a bit of both.

Not everything on my list of things I’d like to accomplish comes with a timeline. Rather, this long-standing list serves as a place to store my ideas and aspirations for my life-in no specific order.

Here is a look at a recent list I’ve created:

• Buy my first home (in progress!)
• Publish my first book (in progress!)
• Take classes in the study of law
• Adopt a dog from a no-kill shelter (a friend for Maisy one day!)
• Travel to Havana, Cuba
• Write that TV pilot pitch I have scripted in my head
• Run my tenth marathon
• Complete a yoga-teacher training program
• Buy a farmhouse dining table for my new home and host dinner parties
• Visit Nashville
• Travel somewhere new every year
• Take a road trip across the South
• Go on a spontaneous adventure
• Run the Disney World Marathon
• Go on a great white shark sightseeing boat tour
• Visit The Sydney Opera House
• Hold a koala bear
• Host family holidays in my new home
• Own a cottage on the beach
• Watch a sunrise
• Travel with my best friends
• Visit the town of Micanopy, Florida where the movie Doc Hollywood was filmed
• Attend the Florida State Fair
• Bake a pie
• Go to a drive-in movie
• Visit Park City, Utah
• Complete a Half-Ironman
• Take dancing lessons
• Hike the Grand Canyon
• Visit all fifty states
• Go whale watching
• Visit Ireland
• Volunteer at the local sheriff’s office
• Try CrossFit
• Travel throughout the United States on a book tour for one of my books one day

When I create lists, they really help me to see the big picture and get excited about what’s to come in the future. It’s always a good idea to dream a little.

Readers: What’s on your bucket list?