I had the pleasure of working for The Estee Lauder Companies when I lived in New York City. During that time I would use all of the products under the company’s umbrella. Since moving to Florida, I’ve found myself trying different products and exploring various beauty regimes.


Jo Malone London was the brand I most recently worked for before leaving the city, and I still wear the brand’s fragrances. Wood Sage & Sea Salt is my favorite everyday cologne, and sometimes I combine it with Velvet Rose & Oud. I foresee these scents always being in my rotation.


I went for a facial recently as I haven’t had one in years and do believe in taking good care of our skin as much as we can. I made a promise to myself to schedule facials more regularly. Though I didn’t buy any of the products at the spa, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the following finds which I purchased at my local Marshalls. This was much better for my wallet. I will always and forever be a bargain shopper (most of the time).

Avalon Organics Intense Defense Cleansing Milk with Vitamin C: I currently use this as my daily cleanser. It’s very mild and soap-free. It leaves my skin feeling balanced and never irritated or dry.

Avalon Organics Brillant Balance Enzyme Scrub with lavender and prebiotics: I try to use this a few times per week for exfoliation.

Bliss Steep Clean Mattifying Toner Pads: Another one I try to use a few times per week for exfoliating purposes.

Bare Minerals Daily Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 30: I apply this every morning since it contains SPF.

Argan Oil Night Cream: This cream feels rich and extra-hydrating when I apply it every night before bed.

Alba Botanical Hawaiian Eye Gel: I use this during my morning routine before I put on my makeup. It cools and brightens my eye area.

Hydrating Eye Cream with Dead Sea Minerals & Coconut Oil: I apply this at part of my nighttime ritual.

Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter: I apply this at nighttime after my shower. It leaves my skin silky soft. There’s nothing worse than dry skin.

If anyone has favorite product suggestions, I’m always interested. Please do share.