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Good morning, friends. I thought I would bring to light those times when we may get a sense about people and certain situations and it feels weird and maybe confusing? We can’t understand why and it must be our imaginations running wild. Gut feelings, being that they are instinctual, are usually spot on. At least I can speak from my own experience. Some people tend to gravitate toward the negative and love gossip. Perhaps they have nothing better to do with their days. We cannot try to begin to understand other people, and we can only control our own actions. I consciously make an effort to steer clear of these scenarios and stick with what’s positive, but sometimes they sneak up on us. I’m still in the process learning to not care what people think of me, but I also become invested if others are the subject of gossip. Last night I was feeling consumed by this topic, and that was a total waste of energy and a waste of my evening. I want to remember a reminder to all of us to focus on being true to ourselves. Shut out the negative and the gossip-y nonsense. I, and I’m sure most of you can agree, have much better things to focus on.

I made a promise to myself, as I was laying in bed awake in the very early hours of the morning, that this senseless drama would no longer affect me especially when I’m not directly involved. We need to politely excuse ourselves from all of it, and take notice of it coming from a mile away when our guts shares an indication. I thought I was finished with this kind of nonsense in general, but I suppose it can always be lurking around us. We have to be mindful. So, from this moment forward, I’m making a conscious effort to not let negative people and situations seep into my beautiful life. We should all be living on our own terms. Now I can let out a sigh of relief and get on with my day in a positive, interesting way.

This post is a friendly reminder (definitely to myself) to smile and not sweat the small stuff.

A few family members have been asking to see photos of my new house. I’ve been in my home for six months now, and it truly does feel like home to me. I relish in the little things and find myself casually walking into each room from time to time simply to look around me and soak it all in. I cannot take credit for the interior design layout. My mom has a natural talent for this kind of thing. It’s funny how I can create an entire book in my head down to the details and I can’t wait to get it on paper. If I walk into an empty home and I’m asked how I want to decorate, I wouldn’t know where to begin. Lucky for me, I had help and the luxury of time. If I saw pieces I loved while out browsing, I would purchase them. If I was undecided, I knew it wasn’t right and I waited. The house decor came together nicely over a twelve month period.

Above is a photo of my dining area. I knew I wanted a wood table and also a bench (not fully pictured on the opposite side of the chairs). I searched online and in furniture stores for months, and then I came across this set which was on clearance at Macy’s. It was the floor model. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the one. The chandelier came from my parents’ home in New Jersey. For years I had my eye on this piece, and when they were moving they stored it for me. I’m glad it has found its new home still within our family. From the lower corner you may notice Maisy Mae, my cockapoo and sidekick, on stand-by ready to play at every moment. Most of the artwork in my home was curated by my Dad. These two pieces came from HomeGoods, one of my favorite stores to shop.

I knew I wanted a bar cart for when I moved into a home. This one came from HomeGoods. The glassware was passed down to me by family.

This piece above came with my Macy’s clearance set. The artwork was photographed by my Dad in Venice, Italy. The small framed photo was taken outside of my NYC apartment during a snowstorm. It’s a reminder of my days experiencing winter, which I do miss every time the season comes around. We named the bullfrog Boris. He came from the Philadelphia Flower Show.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

“Home is where you hang your heart.”

Hi, Friends. I’m thrilled to share that I will be visiting Books & Books this month at their Coral Gables location on Saturday, January 21 at 5:00 pm discussing all things Unexpected Love, followed by a Q & A and book signing. If you live in the area or will be in town on this particular weekend, I would love to meet you. I’ve included details below and you may also click here to visit the bookstore’s website for more details.

I’m a doer and a dreamer. I think it’s ingrained in me. It is exciting to come up with goals to accomplish and I usually make it a habit of tackling things that I enjoy, rather than things I feel I need to do. My list typically consists of writing a book (a lifetime goal), running a marathon (a big one!), hosting Sunday family dinners, etc. You won’t find “going on a diet” on my list. In the past this one would show up on my list and I would fail miserably because, for me, diets are temporary. Lifestyle changes seem to work better.

Always at the top of my wish list is good health and happiness for me, my family and close friends. I’m certain that’s at the top for all of us. While I like to put together creative to do’s throughout the year of smaller items that could consist of fifty items, I’ll share some bigger highlighted personal plans I would like to accomplish this year.

1. Complete my second book.
2. Attend local (Florida based) book signings as an author to meet other authors and readers in the book community while sharing Unexpected Love. I’m planning to utilize my home office on a regular basis and will treat being an author as a job, rather than just a hobby moving forward.
3. Feel fit and strong. I would like to work on getting back a base fitness foundation for myself through a mix of running, swimming, biking and yoga.
4. Incorporate vacation living into my lifestyle. By this, I mean I would like to make it a priority to visit the beach at least a few times per month for a walk, lay in a lounge chair and read books or watch the sunset. The beach is one of my favorite spots and it’s ten minutes away from me. Soon the pool in my community will open and I’ll be able to walk down the block to go for a swim. I would like to start going on leisurely bike rides in my neighborhood. There are little cafes where I can begin my day with my dog and morning coffee and restaurants right on the water where I could wind down at the end of the day with family, friends, and a glass of wine. I plan to take advantage (even more than I do now) of where I live on the Gulf Coast in my free time.

Do you make plans or goals for yourself? Here’s to 2017 and everything it may bring to all of us (including health and happiness).

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