Now that it has been over seven months since I made the big move from New York City to Naples, Florida, I’m settling in to this next phase of my life. What I love most about moving is the fresh start that comes along with it—the chance to establish a new routine, make new friends, and explore new neighborhoods. I’ve been busy trying out restaurants, coffee shops, and theaters, as well as running trails and soaking up sunsets on the beach. When home becomes someplace different, we’re provided with an opportunity to imbibe the unfamiliar.

Aside from the excitement of immersing myself in all this newness, I’m also taking the opportunity to reflect on my inner self. In my thirties I’ve noticed it’s a little harder for me to be as forthcoming as I was when I first moved to New York in the year 2000. Granted, in 2000 I was in my early twenties, a girl taking life by storm. I never second-guessed anything I did and went after my dreams with gusto; to give you an example, I decided to move to Los Angeles after a conversation I had (by being in the right place at the right time) with Jay Leno backstage at a conference. I never looked back and moved three months later. I was outgoing, chatting to anyone who would listen, and probably a little too trusting with my confidences. I distinctly remember my boyfriend at the time telling me that what he loved most about me was how I absolutely, unabashedly lived life to the fullest. I don’t think I’ve abandoned that approach since I still pursue everything I want to accomplish in life, but I’m happy to be in the place where I am now—wiser with experience. Since moving to Florida, I find myself being more open to things again, daring to take chances, however big or small, without having to think things over for too long.

As much as I’m an avid goal setter—and that will never change—I want to allow the unexpected to happen. I read a post on The Tig recently and it resonated with me. “Make sure you leave room for magic,” a wonderful statement and something we should all aspire to do. The writer’s resolution “to keep my standards high but my level of self-acceptance higher” was another piece of wisdom that really made sense and felt like something I could practice in my own life. I want to remember that I’m enough just as I am, that we are all enough just as we are today, in this moment. Striving for personal achievements is just the cherry on top.