My thoughts have been focused on the ongoing attacks in our world – the places and people who have been victimized. They are in my prayers. In the midst of this hatred, I always try to focus on the positive as we can hold on to hope and the good.

Since moving to Florida last June, I’ve been thinking about the people, places, and things that have inspired me during this transition. I thought I’d share a list of things—from the serious to the lighthearted—that have given me motivation and helped me settle into this new life.

• My parents’ outdoor patio: it’s a relaxing and serene place to spend quiet time writing.
• A single mother who lives in my neighborhood. We have become friends, and it’s incredible to see how devoted she is to her six-year-old daughter.
• My eighty-one-year-old neighbor, who wakes up each morning to run 5.5 miles. He has proudly run 5,486 miles in his life and keeps going strong.
• Cancer has come into my immediate and extended family, impacting so many of our lives. Seeing family members fighting the disease with courage—some have already conquered it—is extremely inspiring. It’s a reminder that life is very precious.
• My parents, who have helped in so many ways since my move: allowing me to live with them until my house is built; helping raise and babysit my puppy, Maisy Mae; assisting with every step of my home-building process; reading drafts of my book; the list goes on.
• My previous bosses in New York, who offered me to stay on in a consulting capacity when I moved to Florida.
• My new work families (full-time and consulting) here in Florida, who took me in with open arms as though I’d been here for years.
• My two new running girlfriends, who have graciously welcomed me into their circle of friends and family.
• My Girl Friday Productions team working with me on my book. It’s been a tremendous learning experience in so many ways for me—more than I could have imagined.
• The Gulf of Mexico. There is nothing like sitting on the beach and looking out at the vast body of water in front of you. You can’t possibly be in a bad mood while looking at it. I love the energy you get from all the people surrounding you on the beach. It’s always a place for me to brainstorm about the endless opportunities I, as well as all of us, can have in the future.
• Family friends who live in Naples and have supported me while I get settled. Friends and family near and far who will always be in my life no matter where I live.
• Me! I was able to change my entire life and adapt to new surroundings while slowly building the life that I’ve always imagined for myself.

What or who has inspired you lately?