Clearly when I decided I wanted to post three times per week on my blog while simultaneously auditing a law school course, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into at the time. Last week I concluded a summer course in Criminal Law. Since it was a summer course moving at an accelerated speed, the class met three times per week for two hours at a time with heavy reading assignments nightly to keep up with the schedule. It was an eye-opening glimpse for me as to what law students go through for three years of their lives and I didn’t even scratch the surface. My hat is off to every student in law school and every attorney who has completed law school. I get the idea that there is no such thing as spare time, free time, or down time in law school. I really enjoyed such a different style of learning though it was daunting. I liked the challenge. I was auditing and didn’t take the final exam, but I was sure to keep up with the reading assignments to learn all I could while I was in the classroom.

When I was twenty-two years old living at home with my parents in New Jersey starting out in the real world, I took an LSAT course on the weekends. I always had an aspiration to be a lawyer. That plan never came to fruition as my life took me in a different direction to the bright lights and big city of New York City. Funny enough, now I work for a law school in Naples, Florida which is why I had the opportunity to audit a class. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll finally take those LSAT’s one day. I love that life is full of abundant opportunity and you never know where experiences will take you.