I have inadvertently taken a little hiatus from writing blog posts over the past few weeks. I was out there living life and not writing about it. Now that things have settled down on the work front and otherwise, I’m ready to get back into a blog writing schedule. I plan to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and went so far as to create an editorial calendar. I’m scheduling in topics and special series that interest me and I hope will interest readers.

I’m happily settling into my new job. It’s been four months now and I’m grateful to work with such a good group of people. The job challenges me every day and I get to work in a field that is entirely new to me, the law, since I came from a beauty background in New York City. It’s invigorating and it keeps me on my toes. Having a “work family” is always high on my list of importance since I’ve been lucky enough to have that throughout most of my career. In moving down to Florida, I knew I couldn’t settle into a full-time job without having the right environment be a part of the deal.

Some other things that have happened lately include:

– I’m hooked on Chicago P.D. as my new favorite TV show. Anyone else hooked? This isn’t surprising given how anything involving a homicide investigative unit is right up my alley. Maybe in another life I will be a detective.
– Two of my high school girlfriends came to visit for a weekend and we had such a nice time. We always pick up right where we left off. I enjoy being a tour guide in Naples and it helps me to feel as if I’m on vacation, too. I tend to lean toward activities on the beach or by the water with boats nearby.
– My puppy, Maisy Mae, has really been enjoying doggy daycare a few times per week. I’m relieved she’s acclimating so well. She practically runs in the door of the daycare to see her friends as we arrive.
– I booked a trip to Disney for later this month! I’m a huge fan and it’s my first time going since living in Florida.
– I’m getting ready to move into my new home so I’m certain things will start picking up and being busy on that front soon.
– My book launch date has moved from this June to Fall 2016. I hired a publicity team and look forward to sharing my debut novel with the world in a few months.

It will be one year next month that I’ve lived in Naples. It almost feels like a world away that I lived in New York City. I’ve never looked back and I’m slowly starting to feel like a Floridian, except for when I speak aloud. My fast-paced dialogue and high energy gives me away every time.