It saddens me to watch the news every day with tragedy after tragedy unfolding before our eyes. I won’t stand on a soap box sharing what I feel we can all do for our part in this, because who am I to say so. There are plenty of people out there speaking their minds and sharing political views, for that matter, on social media.

What I’m focused on through all of this is love and what I can do on a personal level. There’s a great deal I cannot control, but I can manage myself and my actions. In the midst of day-to-day craziness, I’ve made a decision to focus more on love. When I take a moment to really breathe in the early morning hours when I’m standing by the edge of the lake with my dog Maisy Mae, I think about everything and everyone I’m grateful for in life. I am surrounded by love in various forms; love from friends from all over the world, my very close family (my parents) and my very large extended family, my wonderful boyfriend, my puppy dog, my work colleagues and last but not least, my faith.

I’m taking time to make more phone calls. I’m taking time to write handwritten notes. I taking time to look at photos on Facebook to catch a glimpse of those in my life whom I don’t have contact with on a regular basis. I’m taking time to speak to people in the office during the work day even though my to-do list is through the roof. I’m taking time to stop and speak to strangers during neighborhood walks with my dog. I’m taking more time to stop and think about everything I’m thankful for in my life.

I’ll never understand all of this hatred toward one another. We’re supposed to be equal and we are all a part of this world to experience it for a lifetime. I will just focus on love to hopefully contribute my small little difference to this world. There’s a lot of good to go around in our humanity and that is where I choose to stay.