Throwback to winter running in NYC.
Throwback to winter running in NYC.

I’ve been thinking about my race schedule since January. I haven’t put anything elaborate in place as I’ve done in previous years. After much thought, I decided to sign up for one big race to train for – the Walt Disney World Marathon! I wasn’t certain I wanted to jump back into a long-distance race, but the marathon has always been my favorite distance. 26.2 miles is the sweet spot for me. I enjoy distance running and marathon training tends to be an adventurous challenge. This time I’m going to focus solely on the marathon without peppering in a bunch of races before and after the big day.

The reason I decided to move forward with this decision is that this will be my tenth marathon. I couldn’t leave myself hanging at nine any longer. I also just celebrated a milestone birthday in August, so this will go hand-in-hand.

A lingering goal of mine is to run a marathon in under four hours. I came close in 2009 with a 4:01 finish time. I’m going to go for it again by following a training plan from this book:


I’ve attempted this plan for previous races without success. If you don’t succeed, try again. It’s my mantra for this race. See you at the finish line, 3:59.