Maisy Mae, my baby girl cockapoo, turned one year old recently. I remember picking her up when she was just eight weeks old. I walked through the door and she went running down the hall, a little ball of fur. It’s hard to remember how tiny she was in the beginning. I remember choosing her out of the litter because she snuggled up to my neck as I was holding her. At that point she was only four weeks old. She had many adorable brothers and sisters – eight to be exact. Her Cocker Spaniel mom, Sophie, had the loveliest temperament. It only took Maisy about a day to acclimate to her new home with us and she fit in perfectly with the family.

Maisy’s a bundle of joy and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She takes an element of selfishness away from me and makes me enjoy the precious moments in life such as our daily morning and evening walks together and sitting out back on the lake. Life slows down a little every day even in the midst of chaos, and that is the part I appreciate the most.