I’ve always been a dreamer, a believer, an optimist, and I can’t help but welcome people into my world. I’m surrounded by love and I genuinely enjoy my life. In various scenarios, I wholeheartedly feel things have a way of working out, and, sometimes in my life I’ll fight to the end if it’s for something or someone I believe in. I’m sure there are more people out there who can agree to this mentality, yes?

What I didn’t clearly realize until recently is that I have a tremendous respect for my self-worth. I’m more clear than ever on who I am as a person and what I deserve in life. I’ve worked hard to cultivate a life living by my rules. I trust my gut instincts, but something has shifted in a greater positive way. I pause before fighting to the end for something I love, as maybe that isn’t always the path we’re supposed to take. We need to love ourselves above all else and trust ourselves.

It’s all about having faith (whatever definition your faith may be), taking chances, and sometimes those are chances we would rather not take. But these choices bring us to where we’re going next in life. Feeling strong is a beautiful thing. Staying true to ourselves will never steer us wrong.

I’ll always be a hopeless romantic, a dreamer, and a doer, but with a little dose of realism now, too.