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Good morning, friends. I thought I would bring to light those times when we may get a sense about people and certain situations and it feels weird and maybe confusing? We can’t understand why and it must be our imaginations running wild. Gut feelings, being that they are instinctual, are usually spot on. At least I can speak from my own experience. Some people tend to gravitate toward the negative and love gossip. Perhaps they have nothing better to do with their days. We cannot try to begin to understand other people, and we can only control our own actions. I consciously make an effort to steer clear of these scenarios and stick with what’s positive, but sometimes they sneak up on us. I’m still in the process learning to not care what people think of me, but I also become invested if others are the subject of gossip. Last night I was feeling consumed by this topic, and that was a total waste of energy and a waste of my evening. I want to remember a reminder to all of us to focus on being true to ourselves. Shut out the negative and the gossip-y nonsense. I, and I’m sure most of you can agree, have much better things to focus on.

I made a promise to myself, as I was laying in bed awake in the very early hours of the morning, that this senseless drama would no longer affect me especially when I’m not directly involved. We need to politely excuse ourselves from all of it, and take notice of it coming from a mile away when our guts shares an indication. I thought I was finished with this kind of nonsense in general, but I suppose it can always be lurking around us. We have to be mindful. So, from this moment forward, I’m making a conscious effort to not let negative people and situations seep into my beautiful life. We should all be living on our own terms. Now I can let out a sigh of relief and get on with my day in a positive, interesting way.

This post is a friendly reminder (definitely to myself) to smile and not sweat the small stuff.