You’d be surprised by how much you can learn about a person in twenty questions. Whether you’re meeting someone new at a party, looking to hire a consultant, or wanting to give your blog readers a better sense of the real you, twenty simple questions can be quite telling.

For bloggers, readers usually want to know a little bit about you. Your hometown and job are both important in an “About Me” section, but slightly more information will give readers a window into your world. They may not need to know the nitty-gritty details of your life—but they might be curious if you’re a Miranda or Carrie, prefer pizza to a burger, or what you’re currently reading.

Now, I’m taking my own advice. Here are twenty questions and answers that I think will tell you a little more about me. How would you answer these questions for yourself?

Questions . . .

1. Favorite food? A cheese plate
2. Dream vacation? Anywhere on a tropical island
3. Favorite way to exercise? Swimming and running
4. Artists you choose to listen to on Pandora? Anything jazz, Jimmy Buffett, and Billie Holiday while I cook breakfast on Sundays
5. Current TV shows you watch? Shameless, Blue Bloods, Younger
6. Favorite TV show of all time? The Sopranos and Sex and the City, as they really bring me back to fond memories of when I first lived in New York City
7. Netflix or Hulu? Netflix
8. Regular or gel manicure? Gel manicure because otherwise I would chip my nail in five seconds
9. Favorite retail store to shop at? T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and Macy’s
10. Favorite place to relax? The beach
11. Dogs or cats? I love all animals, but definitely dogs since I have a cockapoo named Maisy Mae. I’m allergic to cats.
12. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla
13. Favorite restaurant in New York City? Elio’s, an old-school Italian restaurant in the neighborhood where I used to live.
14. Favorite restaurant in Naples, Florida? Baleen at LaPlaya Resort on the beach
15. Favorite indulgence? A luxury spa treatment
16. What’s on your nightstand? Fashion, beauty, and running magazines, books, sleeping eye mask, and just before bed a tall glass of water and my iPhone. The iPhone in my bedroom is a habit I can’t yet quit.
17. Last movie you saw in the theater? 13 Hours—it blew me away and made me see what true heroism is.
18. What are you currently doing in your spare time? Building my first home and writing a book. I haven’t yet mastered the skill of relaxation.
19. How do you start your morning? I wake very early to walk my dog during the quiet hours of the morning.
20. Favorite quote? “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”