Tomorrow is the “official” launch date for my debut novel, Unexpected Love. My team sent me the following questions to post, giving a little more insight into how this book came to be. Enjoy!

Unexpected Love is your first novel, what inspired it? How long have you been working on it?
Inspiration for this book came in many forms. First and foremost, the two central locales are New York City and Naples, Florida, both being where I’ve spent a great deal of time. New York City was home to me for over fifteen and a half years. Looking back, I’ve lived many periods of time in my life in New York. Naples is a newer experience for me, as I’ve only resided here about a year and half now. It’s full of promise and experiences to come. Other inspiration came from my friend Simone, who inspired the character Sam. My friend Billy inspired the character William. I had communication with a homeless man in my Upper East Side neighborhood who inspired the character Archie. I was watching an episode of the TV show Shameless a few years back and actor Nick Gehlfuss immediately inspired the character Jimmy. The actual storylines in my novel are fiction. They aren’t based on reality which is interesting to me.

I worked on this book from start to finish for approximately three years. I began writing it while living in my tiny apartment in New York City. I finished within months of arriving in Naples. The editing and production process took about a year.

You made a big move from New York City to Naples, FL a couple of years ago. What’s been the most challenging part of the transition? Which city is better for writing?
It was the perfect time for me to make the move from the big city to a beach town. I was one hundred percent ready and things fell into place since the day I moved. I had envisioned the life I wanted in Naples for a long time. I was ready for the next chapter of my life to begin. A family illness brought me to Naples much sooner than expected, but the path becomes clear when it’s the right time.

I could write anywhere. For me, as a writer, it’s inspiring to have many areas for writing. It’s fun to always bring your laptop and sit somewhere different. In New York, I mainly wrote in my apartment. In Naples, I write in coffee shops or in the backyard overlooking the lake. Once I start traveling again, I typically enjoy writing on airplanes and in new cities or towns.

Your main character, Inez, is something of a Sex and the City aficionado. What about you? Are you a Carrie, a Miranda, a Samantha, or a Charlotte?
I would like to think I’m a Carrie. Isn’t that what most girls say? I’m probably Carrie and Charlotte combined. I’m a writer like Carrie. I lived in New York City as a single woman in her thirties like Carrie. I fall in love hard, get my heart broken, and get back up like Carrie. I like to believe I have an innocence and a good heart like Charlotte.

What are your writing habits? Where do you like to write? Do you write every day?
I don’t have a organized writing habit. I write when I feel like writing. If I try to make a plan, it doesn’t usually stick. On weekends, I enjoy spending hours at a time writing. It relaxes me. During the week, the early morning hours are ideal for me to write. I love writing with a coffee by my side.

What are you reading?
I’m reading It Takes One by Kate Kessler, which I found on sale at Target. I love anything in the crime genre.