In the ebb and flow of life we come to expect ups and downs, since life isn’t always perfect. When I was younger I would want to curl into a ball on my couch and not face reality when dealing with hurt and pain. Now I prefer to face it head on while continuing to live my life. You feel better for it and respect the person you are when all is said and done.

These past few months have been filled with some wonderful, happy news and some tough news, too.

My Aunt has passed away from cancer. She is no longer suffering and I’m glad she’s in a better place. It has been a difficult time for my extended family as everyone grieves. Another adored family member has received news that she must fight again. I won’t go into specifics out of respect and privacy. Lots of positive thoughts and prayers have been circulating. They’re welcome during this time.

My debut book, Unexpected Love, officially launched on October 18. It has been a fun, surreal time hearing thoughtful comments and celebrating with family and friends. I’ve also been receiving great press coverage. I could pinch myself. I’ve begun updating the press page on my website if you wish to take a look.

I learned that someone who was (or so I thought) extremely close to me in my life, a person I thought was a forever person, isn’t the man he said he was. Walking forward and not looking back was a really difficult lesson to learn, as I tend to always want to fix things and make them right. The acceptance of this truth was hard to swallow. Respectfully, I love myself more (I’m my #1 as we should always be in our own lives) and won’t allow myself or my loved ones to be treated with anything less than the proper respect that we deserve and show to others.

The holidays are upon us and we can always find what we’re grateful for in our lives. I’m learning to live in the moment. When I go running with girlfriends, I focus on our conversations and not how much time I have left until we finish. When I’m studying for the LSAT, I take a break and study in the law school’s beautiful library. When I walk my dog, I take in the fresh air. When I’m at home, I enjoy my house which is my first official home on my own. I smile at the memories I’ve already made here, and how many more are to come. When I get up to go to work, I don’t rush out the door. When I’m out with friends or family, I enjoy our conversation at the dinner table and welcome getting to know something about a person which I didn’t know before.

Slowing down actually works, doesn’t it? Days are meaningful without simply going through the motions.

Happy Monday. I hope you all enjoy the week ahead.