Since moving to my new home, I’m exactly eight minutes from my work. It’s very convenient and the photo above depicts my view on my morning drive to the office. It’s not too shabby.


I’ve been hungry for more fruits and vegetables lately, so I listened to my cravings. I purchased a NutriBullet to whip up fast smoothies on the go. I like this idea as I can pile on more than one serving at a time. This works in my favor in the instance dinner consists of carbs and cheese only.



I visited Three60 Market because I heard great things from a colleague. My colleagues are the best. Not only are they my good friends, but they have great suggestions of places to visit in Naples.


I also took the time to visit Oakes Farms on a recent weekend. This was another tip from my tour-guide coworkers.

Me unwinding with Legally Blonde
Me unwinding with Legally Blonde

Last but not least, I signed up to take the LSAT in December. I’m in study mode and I’m embracing this new experience. My boss and I smiled at the idea that I may be an overachiever, just a little bit. On a recent run while listening to my Aaptiv app, the trainer was ending the run on a positive note and said “Become a better you. Chase life.” I couldn’t agree more.